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Places are now opening up again, although opening times may not be quite back to normal. Please check for local information.

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About the Small Pilgrim Places Network

More about Small Pilgrim Places

Each place fulfils its purpose of making space, keeping silence, encouraging solitude, and providing simple focus points in its own way.

They have a respected identity of their own, unique and singular - with their own history, character and atmosphere, communicating something of the ‘eternal now’, while also bringing the past into the present day and pointing towards the future.

Some might describe them as holy or sacred. Celts sometimes described them as ‘thin’ places, others as liminal – ‘in-between’ ‘thresholds’ on the edge of mystery.

They should have the potential to gently nudge tourists with glazed looks into becoming pilgrims with gently focused eyes.

Who are they for?

  • All people of goodwill, from all faiths and none, as they pause on their journey;
  • Seekers and searchers and those asking questions about God.

More about Small Pilgrim Places Network