Coronavirus Update - 2022

Places are now opening up again, although opening times may not be quite back to normal. Please check for local information.

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Focal point: candles

Focal point: candles

Provide simple focal points for ‘paying attention’ – possibly:

  • Earth, symbol of embodiment and care for the planet, e.g. a bowl of sand or soil in which to place lighted candles;
  • Water, symbol of beginnings, e.g. a filled font, fountain or bowl;
  • Fire, symbol of transfiguration, the fire that consumes and transforms e.g. a lighted candle;
  • Air, symbol of breath and language; make a place to listen thoughtfully to one another, to our ancestors, to the divine whisper;
  • Keep other items simple and few – plants, icons, wall hangings etc.

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