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ChurchCare is the Church of England's national resource (most advice on ChurchCare also applies to other denominations) supporting churches, cathedrals and strategic campaigns like Shrinking the Footprint and Open and Sustainable Churches with comprehensive information and advice about practical matters, grants etc.

The Churches Conservation Trust

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The Trust cares for more than 350 churches vested in them by the Church Commissioners of the Church of England, repairing the damage from sometimes years of neglect, and working with local communities to bring them alive again. Their vision is for historic churches to be enjoyed by everyone as places of heritage, culture, spirituality and beauty and for the significant contribution they make to communities, society and the economy. The churches remain consecrated and available for occasional worship and their spirit, tranquility and sense of place remains intact.

Achieving excellence in Visitor Welcome

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This resource available through the National Churches Trust was produced with funding from English Heritage, as part of the Places of Worship Support Officers funding programme.

Nigel Lacey's Church Tourism Study

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Nigel Lacey travels round looking at what is happening in this country regarding churches and tourists. The website has details of some of the 700 churches he has visited so far.

Many people wander into churches on a weekday when there is no service on. What are they looking for? What brings people in? And what do they find when they open the door? The aim of his study is to gain an idea of what is being provided for the many visitors to our churches. This seems to be a growing phenomena and many churches are surprised at just how many visitors they are getting.

National Churches Trust

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The National Churches Trust exists to support churches, chapels and meeting houses so that they remain at the heart of the communities for which they were built and can continue to play an integral part in all our lives.
Across the UK places of worship are valued for many reasons. Where one finds spiritual solace, another finds inspirational architecture. Some churches provide poignant family memories, while others are commended for their presence in the community and the work they do in bringing local people together.

Churches Visitors and Tourism Association

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The Churches Visitor and Tourism Association is an umbrella organisation bringing together groups and individuals with a mutual interest in enriching encounters with Church spaces. SSPN is a corporate member.


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