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Silence in the Cathedral - Norwich

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Monday 2nd October 2023 6.30-8 pm
Michaelmas - the feast to acknowledge the angelic powers

Monday 27th November 2023 6.30-8 pm
Advent - the season of hopeful expectation

Monday 19th February 2024 6.30-8 pm
Lent: the season of prayerful self-examination.

Monday 27th June 2024 6.30-8 pm
Corpus Christi - the feast to celebrate the mystery and embodiment of the Eucharist

As the seasons of the year pass within the rhythm of the universe, the Silence in the Cathedral Group at Norwich have chosen to mark with silence certain Christian seasons and festivals to celebrate and reflect on our human place in this eternal cycle. Join them for a brief but silent haven from the concerns of daily life.

The only sound will be music playing at the beginning and end of the silence. Please enter via the North West door and wear shoes with soft soles to help maintain the silence. Admission is free, donations welcome.

Labyrinth open from 6.30pm (weather permitting).

Heritage Open Days - England

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Every year for four days in September, large and small places across England open their doors to celebrate their heritage, community and history.

Open Doors Wales

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Organised by Cadw during September, Open Doors offers the chance to explore the hidden treasures of Wales’s culture and history. See the website for details.

Pigs Whisker Music

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Robin and Bina Williamson, formerly members of the Incredible String Band, have given concerts in SPPs and are interested in supporting SPPs in this way.

The British Pilgrimage Trust

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The British Pilgrimage Trust aims to revive the British pilgrimage tradition of making journeys on foot to holy places, promoting British pilgrimage as a healthy and inclusive form of spiritual green tourism to new and established markets, global and national.

Hillwalk Tours - Camino de Santiago

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Hillwalk Tours design self-guided hiking tours in Ireland, Scotland, England and along the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

R S Thomas Literary Festival, Aberdaron

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The annual Poetry & Arts Festival celebrates RS Thomas & ME Eldridge in the Welsh coastal village of Aberdaron where he was vicar and she an artist.
The first festival was held in 2014. Since then there have been distinguished speakers from the United Kingdom and the United States, including Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury. The festival has sponsored fresh expressions of the poetry and art for new audiences and now includes a Jim Cotter Memorial lecture. The festival location in Aberdaron on the Llŷn Peninsula enables people to experience first-hand the landscapes that inspired the poetry of Thomas and the art of Eldridge.
The Festival is now managed by the RS Thomas & ME Eldridge Society and is a key part of its mission to bring together people with an appreciation of the literary and artistic works, musical compositions, people and places associated with RS Thomas and ME Eldridge.

Full details of the Programme, Presenters and Booking are on the website.


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Journeying is an ecumenical organisation which takes small groups on holiday in an informal Christian ambience to the more off-the-beaten-track parts of Britain and Ireland. Its origins lie in Celtic spirituality and most of the trips still reflect that approach. Pilgrimage has been part of the story from the earliest days and that aspect continues to form a thread woven through all that they do.

"Our purpose is to provide inspiring holidays that enable people to venture out, leave the ‘every-day’ - and connect with God in creation, in each other and in ourselves."


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